Did you know that the mayor and council members for the town of North High Shoals are not compensated for their work for the town? That's right, they're volunteers! The problem is, there's only six of them, and most work full-time jobs in addition to attending council meetings and managing various projects on behalf of the town.

That's where you come in. We are always looking for volunteers to step up and help us not only manage existing projects and scheduled events, but recommend and help bring to fruition new projects. It's a curious thing: we have the funding to do so much more for our citizens, but we simply don't have the manpower.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for projects and/or events to benefit your fellow citizens and - more importantly - if you can commit the time and effort to bringing those ideas from conception to implementation and beyond. See below for a selection of proposed projects and events in need of ownership. And note that a whole new category will open up with the completion of the new town hall. (That is, we'll have room to host all manner of speakers, presentations, classes, etc.)


Community yard sale

Bonfire at the town park, possibly coinciding with a holiday or other special occasion

Garden tour of local properties

Revival of the “dog days” event at the town park

Community bike race or ride, perhaps to benefit one or more charities

Art around town

Additional Ideas for Town Park