Ideas for Town Park

Beautification Thoughts:

  • More defined parking area **COMING SOON**
  • Make road frontage more attractive (shrubs, vines, flowers to cover chain link fence
  • Walking path (trees, shrubs)
  • Define area around pavilion (short stone wall or shrubs)
  • Arbor with vines leading to playground
  • Flower bed fencing removed or replaced with something more rustic
  • Addition of areas with native shrubs and flowering plants that define smaller area for sitting and enjoying the scenery

Possible Future Additions:

  • More drinking fountains **COMING SOON**
  • Exercise signs introduction different physical fitness activities **COMPLETED**
  • Play area for older kids (e.g. skateboarding, volleyball, disc golf, basketball, etc)
  • Earthen mound for play
  • Nature trail through woods **COMPLETED** (but with room to expand)
  • Picnic area closer to old barn
  • Mountain bike trail through woods

These lists were created by David Lawrence & Heike Mueller. To submit your ideas and/or volunteer to spearhead a project, send David a note at papalawrence@bellsouth.net.