Your Town Government

Toby P. Bradberry

Contact Mayor Bradberry by phone at (706) 769-4289 (Town Hall) or via email at

Town Clerk
Carolyn Pritchett

Contact Carolyn by phone at (706) 769-4289 or via email at
Carolyn Pritchett 
NOTE: You can leave a message for any council member by phoning the Town Hall at (706) 769-4289. A more direct method of contact for each member is presented below.
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Eric Carlson

Contact Councilmember Carlson via email at

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Jason Presley

Contact Councilmember Presley via email at

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Ann Evans

Contact Councilmember Evans via email at

Ann Evans
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Paul Dotterweich

Contact Councilmember Dotterweich via email at

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Violet Dawe
Contact Councilmember Dawe by phone at (706) 769-7805.