Animals Roaming Free in Town

Council have received multiple reports of animals, primarily dogs, roaming free around town on a regular basis. Please consider this notice a friendly reminder that owners of domesticated animals who reside within the town limits of North High Shoals are required to prevent such animal from running at large, as detailed in the town’s Code of Ordinances, Section 9-2-5-2, titled Running at Large.

If this notice concerns you, we hope you’ll take all necessary steps to prevent your animal(s) from roaming free (here defined as able to cross property lines and/or to enter the roadway at will). If you are unwilling or unable to prevent your animal(s) from roaming free, we’re afraid the next step must necessarily involve Oconee County’s Animal Services department and the potential confiscation of your animal(s). Council members are animal lovers, and would therefore very much like to avoid this step.

If you believe the requirements of this ordinance are impractical or incorrect, you may request a hearing before the council to voice your concerns. To do so, please contact town clerk Carolyn via phone at (706) 769-4289 or by email at nhsclerk.pritchett@gmail.com.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, thereby helping to make and keep North High Shoals an awesome place to be!